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When a Clearing Member fails, the OCC's domino falls before other Clearing Members

OCC Proposes Reducing Margin Requirements To Prevent A Cascade of Clearing Member Failures. A template to comment to the SEC included. Comments due by February 15th, 2024.

Good afternoon! In a follow-up to my previous posts u/WhatCanIMakeToday has dug into it all and written a brilliant follow-up post with a template to comment to the SEC and given me permission to repost their post here. The OCC is once again proposing rules to can kick MOASS
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โš ๏ธ โ—๏ธ UK Economic Secretary Bim Afolami's RRG & Pension Insurance Corp. are teaming up to petition for "significant power" over independent UK regulators - looks like they want control over the financial markets.

It looks like the UK Government and the Pensions could be in trouble, and the Economic Secretary to the UK Treasury: Bim Afolami is at risk of using his position as Economic Secretary to get more momentum behind the proposals as being put forward by a Regulatory Reform Group (that
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UK's pursuit of market control intensifies & ๐ŸšจUK Economic Secretary Bim Afolami (currently under investigation over payments for chairing a pressure group that lobbied UK PM Rishi Sunak) responds to our letter.

And here we go, ready to deep dive into Part 2. Big shout out to u/Nisja who reached out to their MP to source this response - you're a legend ๐Ÿ™ Heroic investors across the UK have been reaching out to their local representatives to ask how shareholders can get
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Britain is bankrupt, MPs aren't keeping pace with advocacy efforts and we're still battling for shareholder rights! Check out what's got the UK's knickers in a financial twist ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

Howdy all, and so begins the new year! Let's recap with where we left off in 2023 as we look ahead to 2024 together - ever in the quiet confidence that MOASS will one day be tomorrow. UK shareholders ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง ๐Ÿฆ have been reaching out to both the HM Treasury and their
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$1 in every $4 dollars to be spent online this holiday season

A breakdown: forecasts suggest $1 in every $4 dollars to be spent online this holiday season, with expectations of 9.4% annual growth in online sales, all while RCEO drives a pivot from brick-and-mortar to technology driven!

Source: https://www.spglobal.com/marketintelligence/en/news-insights/latest-news-headlines/encouraging-holiday-sales-forecasts-making-retailers-spirits-bright-79705381 Highlights: * Peak retail season, which is the months of November and December combined, is expected to generate 2.8% more in holiday retail sales than in 2022, adjusted for an expected 0.5% increase in retail prices, according to a
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Financial Stability Board releases report

Financial Stability Board releases report on Financial Stability Implications of Multifunction Crypto-asset Intermediaries. Tokens (remember all those GME crypto tokens?) called out as interconnected-contagion risk!

Wut Mean?: * MCIs generate revenue through proprietary trading and investments, including in self-issued crypto-assets. * They often operate from offshore financial centers, are privately owned, and lack transparency in corporate structure, financial accounts, and product/service descriptions. * In some cases, this opacity seems intentional, hindering understanding of their activities and risks.
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