The Who, What, Where, Why, and When of the 'About' of

I'm Dismal-Jellyfish... Good Day!
I'm Dismal-Jellyfish... Good Day!

Hello! Welcome and thank you for dropping by to check out this little corner of the Internet!

I would like to take a moment to review some of the Who, What, Where, Why, and When of the 'About' of this place.

This will be updated over time.

What is this place?

This place is a running record of my Reddit profile over the last ~850+ days and 1600+ posts. It is meant as a barebones 'just the facts' approach and curation of sourced facts with opinions from one ape's journey in the ongoing GameStop saga.

One thing learned along this journey is it is important to have a critical eye and not accept everything corporate media reports at face value. Self-reflection is important for anyone, but doing daily GameStop research requires you to always reevaluate information and to constantly check (and re-check again) assumptions.

I believe this process should remain the same whether GameStop is doing 'good' or 'bad', with my goal to gather information from as many places and sources as possible, work through possible viewpoints, and attempt to present the information to y'all in an interesting way.

To me, this means scouring the Internet for information, analyzing trends, and presenting what is learned--all while working to remain fair and open-minded. What one reader may see as unconnected to GameStop can be interpreted by another as an integral piece of the puzzle.

I feel part of my 'job' is to bring 'just the facts' in order to facilitate all sorts discussions from varying viewpoints, working together from a common goal of seeing the best for GameStop.

Media informs our culture and reflects it back upon us. On the one hand, the News in itself, if handled with nuance and accuracy, should be enough and is better than none at all.

On the other hand, the mere appearance of 'News' is not enough, if that representation is offensive or exploitative.

Even if accurate information is made available, obfuscation of official happenings is a powerful tool. It is my goal to present public information that is (maybe intentionally) hidden in a more streamlined and user friendly way.

Like the nascent Radio and TV industries before, I believe I am a guest in your home and it is my obligation and responsibility to respect your time while:

  1. Not intentionally offending or upsetting viewers.
  2. Support rather than complicate the task of being a holder.
  3. Conveying that GameStop's vision should be given the benefit of the doubt and active support where warranted.

I am inspired by the ethos of Edward R. Murrow, who asked that his 1947 contract with CBS News define his role (commentator) as involving the presentation of facts, NOT opinions--something I strive towards when posting.

Edward R. Murrow contract

Why not just keep posting on Superstonk?

I will!

Superstonk is a wonderful and amazing place--a true town square tended to by a group of dedicated and passionate digital custodial engineers that truly wish to see the community succeed.

However, volunteer custodial work is not the same as 'active curation' aimed as a soft landing for anyone new and interested to learn more.

Yes, the sub has all of this information tucked in but if you are new to it and Reddit as a whole, the front page can be a LOT (to say the least).

Additionally, there are occasions where I am post limited (having hit the max on the sub per day) but still find more to share. Also, I wont have word count limits or image limits--making longer form pieces more suited for 'here'.

I like to think of this place like the 'director's cut', where Superstonk is the 'theatrical release'--both mediums showcasing the same movie, with one able to go more in depth if needed.

Nonetheless, my hope is this place provides a more curated entry for new folks looking to interact with information via a more traditional medium--a website with the option for email updates.

Why not just keep posting on Reddit?

I will!

However, I would be remiss not to call out the changes Reddit itself is going through as a reason for 'why' this place as well. Reddit has been and continues to be a wonderful host to this community. I truly believe the community would not be where it is today without Reddit.

Reddit has its own priorities and goals and these do not always align with the community's hopes and aspirations for what the town square is/can be (as we have seen with sub functionality removed for example).

Further, this could lead to needing an account or some sort of subscription to see the sub's content, making it harder for folks to freely access the information.

At the same time, as an individual poster, I have concerns these changes could see me locked out of my profile or eventually deemed not Reddit appropriate all together.

While it can be debated if Reddit has entered its own 'Enshitification' spiral, I disagree with Doctorow on the idea that this place's collective attention is not a 'Store of Value':

I disagree with Doctorow on the idea that this place's collective attention is not a 'Store of Value'

I MARVEL at how the community's attention has turned into a running 'store of value' containing treasure troves of information to everything and anything GameStop/Macroeconomic related.

At the same time, I believe that as folks continue to work with this information, they become even more 'Zen' in their decision to support GameStop.

Absolute Win!

Why keep posting at all?

Great question! Writing about what you know or learn about as you go is a great way to help build and expand understanding. I enjoy working with this material and the community, so it is a win-win for me.

Over time, this approach seems to have resonated with folks. I started tracking data around my posts starting in April:

Total Views (Dismal)
Upvote Rate
Total Views (Superstonk)
Jellyfish % of total views
Total Posts on Superstonk
jellyfish % of posts

I do not bring this up because 'look at me I am popular' but to call out a large portion of the sub is interested in and interacting with the material posted on a daily basis.

To me, making this information further available in as easy and as many ways possible seems like a 'correct' next step.

Where is this going?

To start, I am going to look to change up my posting style slightly:

Here-->Email Newsletter-->Reddit-->Other Social Media/Platforms (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Threads, TikTok, Podcast, etc.?)

I hope folks continue to enjoy the content where they wish to enjoy and engage with it!

If this website and newsletter don't do it for you, no worries, please continue to enjoy on Reddit!

However, for anyone who has called out subscribing to my reddit profile and missing a post, this solution is intended to help with that.

In the near term, I am looking to add pages incorporating pertinent point in time information: why GameStop, Why DRS, daily ticker events, DRS numbers, rule filings open for comment, and more.

In the longer term, I hope to be able to provide the same sort of Superstonk information and engagement across multiple platforms in order to bring GameStop related information to where folks are across the web.

The Superstonk community has further reinforced my belief in the power of community and the collective wisdom that comes from it. This is why I've chosen to make this a community-supported initiative.

I am committed to keeping this place and any of the work posted here, free to access and without advertisements whenever possible. I want to make sure the content remains uncluttered and focused.

However, while I am in position to sustain the current footprint, any future growth would depend on community support and buy-in of this proposed vision shared.

Returning to the Edward R. Murrow example from earlier, I feel this makes sense. Radio and TV programing became beholden to their advertisers, with News reported 'for the sake of knowing' morphing into 'what agenda can be pushed through a corporate media'.

This is not to say that I am not conflicted--I am hosting an unabashedly pro-GameStop narrative after all, and I definitely would not be upset if the information moves you (to continue to hold, becoming comfortable with buying, or just being 'Zen').

However, as also called out above, I believe I am a guest in your home and it is my obligation and responsibility to respect your time and that if you should find value in any of this and want to support, wonderful, but it is not a requirement!

The trajectory of this place is not set in stone; it will be shaped by all of us. If the community finds this project useful, I will happily continue to invest time, energy, and resources into its development.

Your feedback and support are the fuel that keeps this project alive. If the community does not see value in or subscribe/engage with the content, I will take that as a sign to re-evaluate and adjust course accordingly.

How to Support

If you'd like to contribute to the future of, here's how you can help:

  1. Subscribe: Subscribing to is free and offers a way to support its messaging. Your subscription helps to demonstrate the value and the reach of the community and guarantees any post will be emailed to you.
  2. Share: If you can't donate but still want to support, please share with your friends, family, and social networks.
  3. Feedback: Your thoughts and suggestions are invaluable. Please don't hesitate to comment ideas on how we can improve.
  4. Donate: In the future, if this concept clicks with the community I would move to enable support by donations. Any contributions, will help keep the lights on and continue the work outlined above.
  5. Shop at GameStop: If any of the above still is a no-go, please consider shopping at GameStop. There is a great GameStopNFT project (in my opinion) here: via wallet 0x66896a89cb37bc1f24e1c6da9b8a2cadbd434234

Who are you?

The individual behind 'dismal-jellyfish' is a retail investor who also happens to just like the stock.

Who/What is a dismal-jellyfish?

A dismal-jellyfish is a play on words.

the dismal science
Brainless eyes

People often use the term "the dismal science" to talk about the sad or negative parts of Economics--like how some jobs disappear because of changes in the world economy, with Economics often showing the 'tough' realities of life.

But the original reason for calling Economics "the dismal science" is different. It was first called that by Thomas Carlyle because he was upset that the Economics of his day argued against slavery.

So, in reality, the term was used to criticize Economics for being moral and against racism, not for being depressing.

This 'science' when not wielded by intellectually 'brainless' Economists (as it can be today) is a force for a more just and, importantly, less dismal world.

Jelly Gif

I would like to close the discussion for now with a thought after seeing a movie recently:

The movie Oppenheimer deploys a clever plot device whereby the scientists at Los Alamos gradually add marbles to both a fish bowl and wine glass to demonstrate the steady progress towards building of an atomic weapon from 1942-1946.

AI image
DALL-E representation of the above

I believe this story shares some parallels with our own--with the glasses being filled representing profitability and DRS'd shares--the steady progress towards MOASS.

In 1938 fission was discovered via the ability to split Uranium's nucleus, with scientists quickly recognizing that a fission reaction could create a chain reaction--releasing millions of times more energy than any chemical reaction.

In 1940, a new element, even heavier than Uranium, was synthesized in a lab โ€“ and named Plutonium.

Not only is Plutonium fissile like Uranium, but it is also a byproduct during the Uranium fission process: Uranium turns into Plutonium, making it an energy source that creates more fuel as it consumes itself.

With WWII underway, the Manhattan Project scientists therefore saw two routes to an atomic bomb: Uranium or Plutonium.

Jumping back to the present, profitability and DRS'd shares are two possible routes to MOASS. A profitable GameStop completely obliterates any remnants of the previous short thesis, while DRS locks up shares, setting up a financial chain reaction.

Back in the past, with essentially infinite resources from an โ€œall-inโ€ US government--it cost nearly $2 billion (equivalent to about $24 billion in 2021), the scientists chose to try both.

While there are no government resources in this rhyming of history (outside that low interest French loan๐Ÿ™ƒ), Ryan Cohen in full control as CEO and Chairman, paired with Apes DRSing every share possible demonstrates both parties are "all-in".

To make a bomb with Uranium they needed to separate its rarest natural component, U-235, from 1,200 short tons purchased from the Belgian Congo. This was then separated by a combination of centrifuges, electromagnetic separation, gaseous diffusion, and thermal diffusion. Of the 1,200 short tons, ~50 kilograms/110 pounds of Uranium was delivered to Los Alamos.

To make profitability, Ryan Cohen and team have been busy working to shutter under performing stores, remap and reconfigure GameStop's distribution network, and lay the groundwork for full-year and continued future profitability.

To build a bomb with Plutonium scientists needed to first invent nuclear reactors, build reactors they could to convert Uranium to Plutonium, and invent a chemical process to separate the plutonium from the now radioactive waste fuel.

By mid-1945, after nearly 3 years, scientists had enough plutonium for three bombs at about 6 kg/13 pounds of plutonium apiece.

In order to DRS, Apes first needed to dig into the rules, build understanding and acceptance, while inventing new ways of sharing this information. In a little over two years, Apes have gone from 5.2 million presplit shares (October 30, 2021) DRS'd to 75.4 million post split shares as of August 31, 2023.

Looking at profitability and DRS separately, I see each as a step of refinement/enrichment towards creating the 'bomb' that is MOASS with profitability=Uranium and Plutonium=DRS'd shares.

Both paths get us to the same place, it is a 'race' to see both provide enough fissile material for 'Oppencohen' to push the button.

Credit: Luma44
Jelly Gif


  • I review some of the Who, What, Where, Why, and When of the 'About' of this place.
  • There is no wrong way to hold GameStop. PERIOD. FULL STOP.
  • Even holding a SHORT position (not illegal naked shorts) should be celebrated--that is a FUTURE buyer of the stock on the run up to being launched to Uranus.
  • If you hold GameStop, or are new and interested in learning more we are good--we have enough in common to build on a foundation of respect and learn together.
  • Everything else is just window dressing at the end of the day--some look and are better quality than others (DRS vs buying and holding with a broker), but unless and until the current system burns to the ground and is rebuilt with smart contracts, holding GameStop anywhere is all it takes to be on this 'team'.
  • Anyone choosing not to respect this is fudding around by their actions and need to be better.
  • Folks must work together to grow the tent.
  • Purity tests work against growing the tent.
  • Even with reform sorely needed and short entities putting their thumb on the scale everywhere they can, 'we' are going to help indirectly bring about this needed reform when the world sees what happens when an unstoppable force (gamma ramp) meets an immovable object (DRS'd float)--Price discovery.
  • Apes Strong Together
I'm Dismal-Jellyfish... Good Day!