With David Saltiel Named SEC Acting Director of Trading and Markets, I am wondering what happened to who had his job before?

Welcome, David Saltiel! I know you have been on the job all of 5 minutes, but are you ready to get started? ๐Ÿ˜

It will be interesting to see where previous head Christian R. Sabella goes to work next.

The man he replaced, Brett Redfearn (from JP Morgan), has gone on to Co** ba$e (hope this satisfies the filter) just before their IPO as their new Head of Capital Markets.

The guy before him was Stephen Luparello who left to become General Counsel for Citadel Securities, responsible for the legal, compliance, and regulatory affairs functions globally.

Before Stephen, there was John Ramsay, now Chief Market Policy Officer at IEX--acting as their representative for the consolidated audit trail.

Before John, there was Robert Cook, who is now the President and CEO of FINRA

Before Robert, there was Richard G. Ketchum, 'retired', but former FINRA CEO 2009-2016

Having a hard time finding anyone before the Pokรฉmon trainer, but will keep digging.

An interesting collection of gentlemen to hold this post, to say the least!

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