SEC Alert! City National Rochdale to Pay More Than $30 Million for Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest. Failures to disclose its conflicts of interest deprived clients of their ability to make informed investment decisions

FYI, The Federal Reserve Board yesterday invited public comment on a supplement to its May 2021 proposal intended to ensure that Reserve Banks use a transparent and consistent set of factors when reviewing requests to access Federal Reserve accounts and payment services.


Federal Register notice: Guidelines for Evaluating Account and Services Requests (PDF)

Board memo: Proposed Guidelines to Evaluate Requests for Accounts and Services at Federal Reserve Banks (PDF)

Should be able to comment from here soon.

Please consider commenting on all of the outstanding requests, and consider writing your congress critters.

Your comments to these people matter. Consider writing about how failures to disclose conflicts of interest deprive clients of their ability to make informed investment decisions.

NOTHING changes unless Apes get and stay active.

Get motivated, get hyped, get commenting, continue shopping at GameStop, and DRSing shares!

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